About Us

Medizate provides therapeutic techniques for the mind and body. Developers of unique meditation, subliminal and hypnotic downloads, Medizate products guide listeners toward their goals of self improvement, physical and/or psychological self healing. Together the founders have carefully created integrative healing and relaxing experiences utilizing breathing, meditation, guided visualization and hypnotic techniques.

About the founders:


Yvonne Pratt is co-founder of the Pratt-Santi Institute LLC and developer of Medizate Empowerment tools. She is a LCSW-R, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotherapist Trainer and Reikki practitioner.

The Pratt-Santi Institute is the think tank/founding company that generated both Medizate, Empowerment Pods and the forthcoming Santi System of Self Actualization. Medizate is a company that provides therapeutic techniques for the mind and body ~ unique meditation, subliminal and hypnotic downloads. The website is www.Medizate.com.

Ms. Pratt is originally from Massachusetts but now calls Long Island her home. She received her BFA with Distinction from Massachusetts College of Art and her MSW degree from Adelphi University. In addition, she has attended the Albert Ellis Institute, The Wellness Institute, The Institute for Advanced Neuro Research and Education, IACT as well as numerous other seminars and courses. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

While working at Long Island Jewish Hillside Hospital Ms. Pratt participated in and published research with Dr. Phyllis Arlow, Dr. Paul Bermanzohn and Dr. Samuel Siris regarding the efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for persons with schizophrenia. She has been in private practice for over 17 years. Ms. Pratt is the creator of Medizate's mind/body meditations and subliminals.

Her personal journey began after a serious debilitating neck injury and resultant chronic health problems. She was forced to examine her life, attitudes, beliefs and way of life and thus began a new path of growth and transformation. Learning to heal, cope with her injury and the pain associated with it, Yvonne directed her energy to becoming an example of personal struggle and overcoming to give people hope that they too can embrace their challenges and transform them into powerful growth opportunities for themselves.

After working with clients for many years and assisting them toward their self actualization, Yvonne realized there was a need to create a tool that would compliment the therapeutic practices in the office. She dedicated herself to developing very affordable positive empowerment tools for effortless change. Her clinical training allowed her to create very effective subliminal messages ( Empowerment Pods ) for specific goals areas such as assertiveness, health, stress, wealth and many others. The positive and effective messages combined with the soothing well crafted music specifically enhance each goal area. This allows the listener to go through their day while these positive messages are deeply absorbed, facilitating positive, effortless change and growth in the selected goal area. The guided meditations that she created ( Mind & Body Meditations ) often come to Yvonne while in her own meditative states. She combines them with relaxation and breathing components for a unique and complete meditative journey for listeners too explore and create their own healing. Each time one listens to the meditations they will have a different experience.

Yvonne asserts, "I see and experience life as a spiritual journey made up of many layers ( mental, emotional, physical and spiritual ) which appear at times to be conflicting and confusing. My work is a reflection of the experiences and knowledge I have gained on my continuing journey of self-actualization. I believe we are all one ~ connected, however separate entities on this physical plane. If we are open, we can all assist and learn from one another. Everything and everyone is a teacher and student. Growth is not always easy or pleasant but it is enlightening and freeing. The more self responsibility we take, the freer we become. Transformation is not for the faint of heart. We are all here on a beautiful magical journey of creation together."

Yvonne has also volunteered her time as a grant writer for the Double D Bar Ranch (a farm animal rescue) and the First Parish Church of Dorchester, Massachusetts. Her passion for animals has led her in the safe relocation of stray cat colonies. Her interests include genealogy, music, science, writing, metaphysics, reading, time with family and friends, nature and hot springs.

She co-authored "Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In Persons With Schizophrenia" in 1996. Yvonne has authored a children's book The Spark Of Life available through Xlibris publishing with two more books forthcoming. 


Sheila Santi is a AC, CHt, CMT and Reiki practitioner. Ms. Santi is a retired drug and alcohol clinician who has been in private practice for over seventeen years. Ms. Santi is the creator of the hypnotic self esteem building and enhancing "Santi System of Self Actualization". 

The "Santi System" has been a major component of both Ms. Pratt's and Ms. Santi's private practices for the past twelve years and as such has a proven track record of success for people in all walks of life. None of the processes ever tell you what to do or how to do it because this system honors the fact that each of us is unique, so you and only you know what is in your own best interest. The problem is accessing your own internal knowledge. What this new system does is allow you to rid yourself of the old tapes and childhood conditionings so that you can access your own innate wisdom. The result is a well rounded, positive sense of self and personal power for the user.

The "processes" will be available through a reasonably priced subscription. This method is necessary because each "process" is a successive step forward toward your own self-actualization. Because each "process" builds upon the previous one, they are meant to be used consecutively versus repeatedly the way the mp3 downloads are used.

The anticipated launch date for this new system of self-help enhancement is mid to late 2014 and will be accessible through this site. 

Stay tuned for the launching and the beginning of your whole new perspective on yourself!

Sheila and Yvonne are the co-founders of the Pratt-Santi Institute LLC.