Pratt - Santi System For Smoking Cessation 2 Track mp3 Set including a daily reinforcement subliminal track (Track 1 - 1:06:12) (Track 2 -


STOP!! DO NOT waste your time nor money UNLESS you are absolutely positive that you are committed to being a non-smoker.

ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF HYPNOSIS so, no hypnotic product can successfully rid you of your addiction without your permission. BUT....if you're truly committed, then hypnosis can be the fastest, easiest and most effective method that can be used to become a non-smoker...all without needing to put other chemicals into your body as a'll simply rely on your own ability and inner strength. With hypnosis, it's possible to stop smoking without having to suffer any dramatic withdrawal symptoms too.

Directions: Use the hypnotic track once daily while in a totally relaxed state either resting or even sleeping for a week (or more as you choose) and feel free to use the subliminal companion piece when and wherever you wish, even driving, it is not hypnotic but it is reinforcing to your goal.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are about to be a non-smoker!

Disclaimer: Do not drive or operate machinery while using this hypnotic product. Listening may cause drowsiness.

Half price sale for New Year.  Reduced from $99.99 to $49.99. 

Make your goals a reality!

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Type: Hypnotic

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